The Pauline Paradox by 119 Ministries – Part 1 “Is the Majority Ever Wrong?” – VIDEO

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The Pauline Paradox Series is an excellent set of teachings by 119 Ministries on the often-misunderstood writings of the apostle Paul. The writings of Paul are really where many of the problems begin in Christianity today as these difficult to understand verses are often taken out of context, used as proof-texts to justify a lawless lifestyle, and then elevated to a stature that is greater than that of the rest of Scripture (and even the very words of our Messiah).

Did Paul really say that the Law was done away with? Was he really advocating a lawless lifestyle? Is it really possible that the most popular doctrine of the day is dead-wrong? These are just a few of the questions answered in part 1 of the Pauline Paradox Series, “Is the Majority Ever Wrong?”.

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4 Responses to “The Pauline Paradox by 119 Ministries – Part 1 “Is the Majority Ever Wrong?” – VIDEO”
  1. Ezek I Duru

    I am so happy to have known you
    Please I really want to be part of you because I want to know God more

    I have always thought that the Jehovah witness always gather to teach both even there young ones THE BIBLE and that will make them to be biblical inclined and that is why each time you see them they will be preaching the word of God because they know it very well

    Now we sabbatherians are supposed to have teachers who will help teach us the bible very well, because when you come to my place in Nigeria My family is the only sabbath family and my father who brought in the convent is late and none of my brother is interested any more, although it has been prophesied that I will take over when my father when he is late long before I was born, I read the bible every day to know more about YAWH because I do not want to make mistake, I am ready to do anything just to know the scripture even if it means paying so money I will gladly do that, I have so many teacher of the law who are my friends but I know why I want you to teach me

    THE BIBLE DEFINITION OF WISDOM “is the fear of the lord”

    PHILOSOPHY DEFINITION OF WISDOM ” when you know that you don’t know”

    please I do not want to say much okay
    all I ask is to be part of you so that I can know God very well thank you so much for opening my eyes the more SHALOM

    • Jason

      Shalom Ezek, I praise Yah for opening your eyes to the beautiful truth of His whole Word and for planting in you a desire to serve Him in spirit and truth. Continue to press into Him with everything you have and submit yourself fully to His perfect and unchanging Word.

      I’ll be happy to help in any way that I can…


      • Jing

        I was looking for the very like button! SHALOM!

  2. Gert Roodt

    Dear people,
    I am so glad to find this site. Want to learn more.
    Thanking you with kind regards and in His love
    Gert and Mary-Ann Roodt
    Ps I think that the name Jesus is Latin and not Greek as in the Greek it was Iësous which is a transliteration of a transliteration both instituted by the Holy Roman Catholic Church, the Jesuits. I do believe in Messiah Yahshua. What a beautiful Name to believe in. After all from Daniel 9:25-26 it was the Messiah.

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