“The Entry” by D’voted – VIDEO

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Open my eyes, that I may see wondrous things from Your Torah (Psalm 119:18)…

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3 Responses to ““The Entry” by D’voted – VIDEO”
  1. richard

    great song bro. can i get the words to this. there are some parts that i could not understand what you said.

    • Dvoted

      Be good to your children
      then we will surely live.
      Be good to your beloved ones
      then Your word will be with us.

      For my soul is consumed with longing
      for Your laws at every turn.
      You cut off the proud and haughty,
      for in their hearts they do not keep Your word.
      Though the powers of the earth may ridicule, I will not turn my ear.
      I will listen to You.
      For the entry of Your word
      brings light and understanding to all.

      So open up my eyes that I may see
      the wonderous things from Your law.
      For I am stranger in the earth,
      do not hide Your commandments from me.

      For this I know, there’s no strangers in Your kingdom.
      For this I know, there’s no orphans in Your presence.
      For this I know, there’s no beggars at Your table
      and no sorrow in Your arms.

      • Jason

        Todah rabah, achi. Much love and shalom to you!

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