The purpose and mission of this website is to glorify our Creator by proclaiming the good news of Messiah and the truth of Yah’s perfect, unchanging Word to all who have ears to hear. After coming to the realization in 2011 that the whole Word of Elohim is still true and applicable to believers today, our family made the unpopular decision to audit our beliefs and line our lifestyles up with our findings.

As one might imagine, setting aside a lifetime of customs, traditions, and firmly-rooted beliefs can be challenging, but YHWH is so faithful and He’s been with us every step of the way. The blessings and deep fulfillment that we’ve experienced on this journey thus far have been unimaginable, and learning how to properly walk in Yeshua Messiah’s footsteps has forever changed our lives. While we still have much to learn, it is our prayer that the things we share on this website will be a blessing to others who are earnestly seeking truth.

We can never thank the Father enough for His grace, His mercy, and His patience. Without Him, there was and is no hope.